Chemical (Botox) Brow Lift in NYC by Dr Ron Shelton

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As we age, the forehead drops and with it the eyebrows and the upper eyelids as they're all connected by a common layer of connective tissue. We use the frown muscles during expression and these three groups of muscles all pull down on the corners of the eyebrows and pull them together making the "11" . So while treating frown lines with Botox, one actually gains lifting of the forehead because now the muscles that lower that area are relaxed and the forehead muscle that is not treated and acts to pull up on the eyebrows, can act without opposition from the lowering muscles. The slight lifting that one gets from a Botox brow lift (chemical brow lift) is not the same elevation as one would receive from a surgical brow lift. Many patients of mine in my NYC practice are not ready for a surgical brow lift and are happy with a minimum opening of the eyes that this Botox brow lift creates.
You may contact New York City Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Ron M Shelton and schedule your appointment for a Chemical (Botox) Brow Lift today and transform your look and fix your aging skin.
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20 February 2014

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