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Botox is the top cosmetic treatment provided around the world today. However, many myths surround its use and its benefits. Knowing the facts is essential to understanding how this product can benefit you!
The first fact is that Botox is a prescription drug that is approved for used in both the USA and Canada. It is not dangerous and when injected by a licensed professional, it is extremely safe and effective.
Another lesser known fact is that Botox has many uses and has been in use medically for many decades. It can help muscle spasms, migraines excessive sweating and other muscular problems.
One of the important facts to know about Botox is that it is not permanent, but that it is temporary. The cosmetic effects of Botox will wear off within 3-4 months and when it does, there is no damage to the face. The face simply returns to looking as it did before. Many people choose to maintain their Botox as a long term wrinkle treatment, coming in for regular injection treatments throughout the year.
One common myth is that you may not be able to make any facial expressions after Botox injections. This is false. It is possible to receive a Botox treatment that provides a natural look that is not overdone. This is when choosing a provider that is reputable, experienced and competent becomes very important to ensure the best results.
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07 December 2015

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